Tooth-coloured Fillings


During the procedure of placing fillings:

  • The tooth decay is cleaned out from the tooth and a bonding material is placed that helps glue the filling into place.
  • Composite resin material is then placed in thin layers into the hole where the decay has been cleaned out.
  • The dental team then uses a special light on each layer of filling material to make it hard.
  • When the last layer of filling is hardened with the special light, the filling is shaped accordingly to mimic a natural tooth and to fit the patient’s bite.

Fillings may also be made out of porcelain materials which is a common type of dental ceramic used by dentists. Porcelain is the same colour as natural teeth and can last for a long time. In placing porcelain fillings, the decay is cleaned out and impressions are taken of the resulting tooth which are sent to a dental lab. A temporary filling is placed on the patient’s tooth while the final version is being created. At the lab, the porcelain filling is custom made to fit the mold generated by the dentist and sent back to the office to be inserted in the patient’s mouth. At the second appointment, the custom made porcelain filling is cemented into place on the tooth and adjusted to accommodate the patient’s bite.