Orthodontic treatments involve exerting gentle pressure on the teeth over a period of time, months and even years, to move them into desired positions.  In most cases, people seek orthodontic treatments to correct misaligned teeth. Crowded and crooked teeth influence the appearance of the smile and can affect one’s self confidence. Misaligned teeth can also affect the way teeth fit together when we bite and can cause the teeth to wear down due to unnatural friction. It is also more difficult to brush and floss crowded and crooked teeth making them more susceptible to decay and gum disease. Straightening teeth with orthodontic treatment helps improves their appearance and functionality.


Speed braces are also an effective option for orthodontics. Speed brackets are reduced in size and height and are much smaller than regular modern metal and clear braces. Therefore, speed braces reduce lip and cheek irritation and are also easier to clean. Furthermore, the brackets are designed with springs that continuously apply a gentle force which reduces discomfort and pain throughout treatment.


Appliances may be removable or fixed in orthodontic treatment.  Fixed appliance are usually used to prepare the jaw and teeth spacing for braces.  While removable appliances may be used to correct the position of teeth and can move a tooth or a group of teeth.  However, they are not as precise as braces when used alone in orthodontic treatment.


Retainers are designed to keep teeth in the desired position once braces or Invisalign treatment has been completed.  They may be removable or attached to the teeth.  Retainers are to be worn accordingly to your treatment plan to ensure that your teeth do not shift out of the final position after the completed orthodontic treatment.