Most people have four wisdom teeth, one at each corner of the mouth. There are cases where patients may have one or a few of these teeth missing. These teeth are much like your other permanent molars but they develop and grow in at a later age. With x-rays, our dentists can detect whether your wisdom teeth are likely to cause problems in the future.

Reasons to remove Wisdom Teeth:

  • Potential problems such as gum infection and disease
  • Tooth decay resulting from improper brushing of the teeth
  • May cause crowding in the teeth
  • Poor positioning of the teeth
  • Rare cases of cysts and tumors
  • Risk of damaging the nerve in the lower jaw if removal of wisdom teeth is postponed.

All wisdom teeth extractions require a consultation. At the first meeting, our team can assess your dental x-rays and address any concerns or questions you may have. At our office, we offer wisdom teeth extraction under local anesthetics or sedation dentistry. Our dentists will assess the conditions and position of your wisdom teeth and provide the best possible method of extraction for your case.