Dental implants are an effective option for patients wanting to replace missing roots or to support replacement teeth which may be attached to the implant(s).

To be a good candidate for dental implant surgery:

  • patients must have good general overall health
  • have healthy gums
  • have enough bone in the jaw to support the implant(s)

A dental implant is a special metal anchor that the dentist surgically places into either the upper or lower jawbone under the gum line. Once the implant becomes firmly attached to the surrounding bone, which usually takes a few months, the implant is exposed and used to give support to crowns, bridges and dentures. With dental implants, there is no need to be irritated with loose partial or full dentures. This option also prevents unnecessary destruction of healthy teeth in preparation for crowns and bridges. The new implanted teeth stay securely in place and do not rely on neighbouring teeth for support. As a result, implants offer an option for your natural smile to be restored.